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 For these reasons, you should carefully examine and study the types of typography that best suit the text on your website. Existing font types in this section, I will break down the different types of existing fonts according to their style: serif( or serif) is the most traditional type font, characterized by decorative elements at the end of the character. Some of the most famous examples of serif fonts are, or . The serif typeface is associated with serenity, formality and elegance.

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 Sans serif type( or sans serif type) also known as “ serif” fonts, they are more modern special data typefaces that, unlike serifs, have flat endings of their characters and do not end with any decorative element. Examples of classic sans-serif fonts of this type are, or . They represent modernity, clarity and cleanliness. Thick serifs these fonts are smaller in number but if used properly they increase in importance in web design.

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They are similar to serifs but have a more square surface with a curved. One example is that it is used a lot in combination with sans-serif fonts nowadays. Showing although it is less recommended to use in web design, there is a typography widely used in poster or lettering graphic design: display fonts. The fonts are very wide and have a lot of visual impact. It is bad to abuse UAB Directory them, and their use may only apply to very compelling elements that must stand out at a given moment, such as the very compelling messages in the home page heroes.

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