The chefs and the kitchens of the “Júpiter” dining car can boast of their cordiality and exceptional service. The dishes included in its gastronomic offer reflect the nature and culture of the island of Kyushu, and are made with ingredients that come from its fields and its coast.

Also noteworthy is the “Blue Moon” lounge car , with bar service both day and night. The views from its large windows and the grand piano with which to offer live music guarantee unforgettable evenings at dusk.

Kyushu Seven Star offers two tour options: a 4 day 3 night tour and a shorter 2 day 1 night tour , perfect for a romantic weekend.

Blue Moon lounge room Seven Stars Kyushu Itineraries and Prices

Both itineraries start and end at JR Hakata Database Station , (Fukuoka). You can easily get there from Osaka with your Japan Rail Pass , taking the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train .

4 day itinerary
It is the longest trip and covers the entire island of Kyushu, with stops in 5 prefectures. Those who embark on this train will be able to relax by visiting an onsen, the traditional Japanese thermal station . You will also be able to see the spectacular volcanoes in the area and get to know some of the main cities of Kyushu.

Included excursions include a ferry cruise visits to Yufuin Mimitsu and Miyazaki


Overnight stay at Kirishima Hot Springs. The rates for this UAB Directory tour on the Kyushu Seven Star start at a price of 630,000 yen per person (approximately 5,400 USD).

2 day itinerary
The two-day tour on the JR East luxury train will take you to four prefectures in the northern part of Kyushu. The itinerary of this romantic train includes excursions to discover Fukuoka and Oita and also allows you to see the largest active volcano in Japan, Mount Osa.

In both cases you can eat many of the meals on the train itself, but if you prefer you can try the local gastronomy in the restaurants in the area. On board you have numerous activities such as, for example, the traditional “tea time”. Of course, you will also get to know the rural areas and the South China Sea on your trip.