Its leader, Henry Ford, managed to improve the release of model cars to lower production costs and final prices for consumers. The result was an affordable car for most people that became the first mass-produced car for personal use. The company was incredibly successful and Ford became the most famous brand at the turn of the century.  It was Ford who turned the car from a luxury for a few people into a common means of transportation and gained a very broad new market. At the same time he raised wages for factory workers.

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They began to receive two and a half times more dollars per day in revenue than other American businesses. The implementation of the manufacturing database excellence model has made Ford an unrivaled leader in the global automotive industry for many years. However, using this strategy for too long proved to be a mistake that almost caused the entire company to collapse. No development. No step toward the buyer. The company stays where it is while competitors find ways to seize the initiative. Other manufacturers started offering new interesting models Ford could no longer compete on an equal footing.

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Product Improvement Ideas Basic Marketing Concepts This is the next marketing model for economic and social development from a historical perspective. It UAB Directory is based on the idea that consumers will choose higher quality products with the highest possible characteristics and performance. Production costs will not be decisive in this case. The assumption in this regard is that any business must go all out to improve quality in order to achieve long-term success.