As we all know, when doing a Google search, we typically receive two types of results: paid results (sponsor links); organic results, Paid results refer to advertisements made by companies, already discuss here in the sponsor links topic, Organic results are those that come just below the ads, These are company pages that the Google robot has categoriz and that the algorithm has judg to be more in line with the search you made, In other words, organic search is the answer options that Google indicates, which it endorses, And does the user trust the biggest search engine in the world? I would bet so, SEO work comes in there, Trying to earn that trust from Google, Work on the 3 pillars of SEO , in order to please both the algorithm and users: website optimization; content production; gaining backlinks.

The basic objective of SEO is no different from

 As you can imagine, gaining this authority is neither easy nor quick, But it’s worth it, because market figures  new data show that around 85% of people who use Google ignore ads and go straight to organic results, 5,2, What is the objective: The basic objective of SEO is no different from sponsor links, The idea here is to generate visits to the website, The difference is how it is done, In the case of paid mia, your company rents authority from Google, In organic search, you build this authority and gain a reputation with the search engine, Ultimately, the main objective of SEO is to ensure more conversions at a lower cost, Since, in this case, your company does not pay for clicks, In practice then, organic positioning work mitigates the growing cost of sponsor links, rucing dependence on authority rental, 5,3, When to invest.

If your company wants to grow and have

Due to its relative complexity and ne for long-term focus, SEO is not always applicable to every company, In general terms, to consider this investment , you must think about some questions: Does the company have short-term sales anxiety? Is it possible to reconcile investment in sponsor links (short term) and SEO (long term)? Is there already digital maturity (a good website, good positioning)? Does the company have a structure (marketing professional, marketing budget)? If your company wants to grow and have longevity, investing in SEO will always make sense, But it nes to be prioritiz and maintain at the same time , because the return  UAB Directory takes time, So if you want to ruce the cost per acquisition, gain online authority and not completely depend on paid mia.