How to measure the result: If we look at the technical field, there are several points that can be monitor and measur when we talk about organic search: index pages; index keywords; positions achiev; earn rich snippets; keyword traffic; organic traffic per page, However, for decision makers, what really matters is: organic traffic; organic leads, So, good SEO work will have many technical nuances (no different from the other digital marketing actions mention here), But what the company actually nes to measure are how many visits the SEO work brings to the website and how many business opportunities (leads) are generat from this.

SEO is a necessary digital marketing action

Content Marketing Content Marketing 6,1, What is it: Content marketing is a discipline that became popular along with the concept of inbound marketing, and which, at least in our opinion, works in practice as a sub-discipline of SEO, Inbound marketing , as you know, involves reversing the traditional logic of outbound marketing , where companies focus on their products and solutions and us mia channels to propagate them, Naturally, the outbound approach limit the potential for results, as a  new database  large part of the public in any segment (around 90%) is not looking for that solution, However, most of these potential customers have pain points that the company’s solution could solve.

And once the conversation is establish

Inbound marketing is anchor at this point, He advocates that companies should address consumers’ pain first, starting the relationship there, And once the conversation is establish and the pain is explain, get into the merits of the solution, As you can imagine, content marketing is one of the pillars of the Inbound concept, This is because it involves understanding the company’s audience, categorizing their pain points and producing content (texts, videos, images) focus on these pain points, in order to start a relationship UAB Directory  with potential customers and direct them (or not) to the solution, In any case, as we mention when approaching SEO, content production is one of the pillars for achieving organic positions.