Wise travelers are aware that the journey is not just about the destination.

The Road Itself, the Fact of Reaching It. Is More Than Half the Charm and Fun of That Adventure That is Traveling.

This Idea Takes on Special Significance if We Refer to Japan’s Seven Stars Luxury Train. A Luxury Hotel Train Based on the Japanese Island of Kyushu. This Cruise Train Has Completely Revamped the Concept of Rail Travel, Making Your Journey. An Indispensable Part of a Kyushu Vacation.

Kyushu and Also From the Seven Characteristics That Make. This Region Famous: the Train Itself, Nature, Hot Springs, Natural Energy Points (Volcanoes) , the History of the Area, the Gastronomy and the Cordiality of Its People.

The Seven Stars Seven Stars takes its name from the seven prefectures of

The Kyushu Seven Stars is a tourist train that seamlessly Phone Number List unites the future of rail travel with its storied past. Its Luxurious Classic Decoration Evokes Remembered Times. Full of Luxury and Glamour, as is the Case With Other Trains. Of This Type Such as the Famous Orient Express . At the Same Time, Its Advanced. Technology and Its Magnificent Panoramic Windows. Take the Convenience and Comfort. Of the Trip to Unexpected Heights. Each of its wagons has been designed to respond to any passenger need, always exceeding any expectation. Seven Stars Kyushu deluxe A suite.

Travelers can choose between its 12 standard suites or opt for 1 of the 2 deluxe suites

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Each suite has a bedroom area, a living area and a complete UAB Directory private bathroom, including a shower. Those closest to the lounge and dining car are prepared to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

The luxury suites, located in the final carriages, have the capacity to accommodate three people. They have a sleeping area, a living room (lounge) and a private bathroom. As an additional advantage, we must highlight its magnificent rear window that occupies the entire width of the trainand allows you to enjoy unique perspectives from the comfort of your own room.