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 And what happens after that?  probably get frustrated, leave the page and never come back. A 404 page is the worst enemy of the website administrator and blogger annoying readers Googling foxy and by all new database accounts an unpleasant phenomenon on a large number of sites and blogs.The most typical case when a 404 page comes in front of the reader is a broken link or if a single page or blog post has been deleted for one reason or another. If Wikipedia finds more than 120,000 broken links, I’m pretty sure that someone on your site or blog will come across a 404 page before long. Welcome to SEO

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 Those who still need a little more information, take a look at the sales page and buy the course afterwards. Will this UAB Directory work like this in the future? The fact is, nothing lasts forever. But as long as sales are coming in steadily, this sales tunnel will remain upright. New sales tunnels are under construction. This is how you keep the reader on your blog even if a 404 page comes up. Have you ever read a lovely blog post, immersed yourself in the enticing content, found great links to other posts, and then suddenly PAM! hit a 404 page? Vex. To put it mildly. What do you do in that situation? Clicking the “back” button in the browser? Does the page freeze or at worst won’t let you go back?

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