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 Do the following: when you think of finding fonts for your website, do not go to google to search“ to download free font”. For the car! the first thing you should do before starting web design is to try to solve these problems and make them very clear: brand image in order for your layout to fit well on your website, you need to align it with your brand image. What typeface do you think of when you think of the following brands? coca cola. Gucci.

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 Toys r us. Rolls royce. Of course, depending on each brand, you imagine that the exact opposite latest database type of font is somewhat more classic, some more groundbreaking, some more refined well, that’s all about the typeface being associated with your brand and your business and matching well. Just as the use of colors is important on your website to connect with the profile of the visitor who is landing on the website, so are fonts, because they should align your content with the type of business you have,

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the ideal customer and the audience you will be consuming. Consistent with the previous point, you must be clear about what type of content your visitors will read on your website and blog. Is the type of content you will cover on the site modern UAB Directoryor serious?what type of content will you be displaying?does the text focus on the company?the newspaper?children’s stories?text messages from institutions?

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