About resources. Whether on the website. On social mia. In online publications or on other digital platforms. Because although “voice” will be one of the strategic marketing trends in 2020. Visual assets continue to dominate the scene when it comes to connecting with audiences; having adequate control over one’s assets. And their positioning. Has become fundamental to promoting brand coherence. The website talentzoo reveal that companies with well-manag and consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those without . This implies the ne to rethink the way in which visual assets are manag and analyz and the use of tools to provide marketing teams

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Authentic product experiences. Incorporating events into your marketing strategy to drive customer experiences across multiple channels is an effective. If not essential. Element in delivering the right brand impact. Check out our event planning checklist to get you on the right track. Event marketing 2020 brand equity and consistency translate into better performance as we look to adopting an omnichannel approach and connecting the brand experience across channels over the next year. It is important for companies to ensure that brand and about-brand b2b email list communications are deliver using the best format and modalities. In relation to consumer demand. We are therefore talking

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Interaction. Including physical locations such as stores. But also e-commerce. Email and social mia. And sees them as parts of a single. Integrat and target journey upon purchase. Along this journey. Authenticity is key to attracting consumer attention. And of the available UAB Directory  tactics. Events have consistently been highlight as one of the best ways to do this. Eventtrack found that 91% of consumers have positive feelings about a brand after attending real events and experiences. And that. In these cases. Their experience is more likely to result in a sale. Events are therefore essential not only to help consumers gain a new perspective on the brand. But also to generate