My experiment with Pokémon cards “Pokémon is your hobby” my team tells me and they are right. I enjoy buying and selling cards. Sometimes the issue of hands My experiment  seems to go away. Things as they are. It’s good to have a hobby but you also have to make money from it. At least in my case. I just received a quote to continue with the experiment. It seems that with less than 1,000 euros I will be able to start this piece.

Trade graded cards against bulk

Trade graded cards against bulk I already announced it to you a couple of weeks ago. We did a small test through Walla pop  and the feedback was very good. There are executive data many people interested in this exchange. Since we did not have the infrastructure prepared for this, we stopped the experiment to restart it with a web page that simplifies the process.

New listings My experiment 

New Pokémon listings The best Pokémon listings sell more than 200 times a day. We want to launch several of our own products to compete with these. The idea is to convert UAB Directory the bulk received into money as soon as possible. The demand for graded letters is lower but the demand for normal letters analyzing sales data is very high.