You have come to this blog and you don’t know which are the most interesting articles of 2020? Don’t worry, here are the best Digital Marketing, Personal Branding and Social Media articles on the blog in 2020 to speed up that search on this website. Like every year, I like to start the year by analyzing the contents of my blog from the previous year, I think it is a good way to see what has worked and what has not. Furthermore, it is an exercise that I recommend to all of you who have blogs. Measuring our work is key to knowing what we can write about and what we can’t. Therefore, this is the first post of the year, where I see what type of content has worked best and thus have clear ideas about what to write this year on the blog.

But before showing

The featured articles, I will summarize my previous professional year. It is also a useful exercise and one that we should all do. Well 2020 has been a year that needs no company data introductions for anyone, I think. So my summary will be very short hahaha. Since March, those of us who are dedicated to giving conferences. And classes have been practically unemployed, so there is not much to tell… But to take the positive from the year and this pandemic, I can say that. I have taken advantage of these months to study my professional projects and focus only. In what I really like and give me a real financial return. I spent months testing and testing with Google Adsense and I have discovered very cool things that I will tell you about in some guides this year.

Digital Marketing worked fewer

Hours and days without this being noticeable in the monthly income. Despite the time stopped without giving classes or talks one of my great objectives with this UAB Directory project. I took advantage of the confinement to update my classes. With new content and the results have been BRUTAL, the feedback from the students has been very good. I have spent less time on social networks and I dedicated. That time to training in topics that help me better monetize my knowledge, and the results are very good. My Personal Brand WorkBook continues to give good results.