Holistic approach allows companies to obtain essential. Information that shows the value of different.Items and to understand what is worth focusing on to promote an optimal return on investment. In our #thestrategyside podcast series . Launchmetrics chief marketing officer alison bringé discusses the importance. Of measuring marketing .Investments and how it helps you make. Better decisions. Listen to it here . Consumer privacy and gdpr you would be forgiven for .Thinking that the topic of consumer privacy and data. Protection had been explor in depth since it came into force in may 2018. Well. 18 months into the .Implementation of the gdpr law this has not been

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The impact of actions taken and to create future ones. The challenge. However. Is represent by big data and the fact that the pool of data to which we have access is becoming increasingly larger. It’s not realistic to look at every single number relat to a brand’s marketing activities. But adopting a measurement system that offers a global overview of performance is.Only in this way can companies make strategic decisions that directly impact their business. Choosing. For example. To understand how their global own mia efforts have contribut to brand performance or to b2b leads measure the likes of their post latest on instagram. Opting for a measurement of a brand’s marketing activity with a

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With detail information on their performance is a must. Launchmetrics is moving in this direction thanks to the recent acquisition of imaxtree . The leading provider of visual contentfor the fashion and beauty industries. Building the technology to give companies the best tools to measure the impact of their creative ideas and campaigns going forward. Protecting brand equity in 2020 means safeguarding brand performance. Implementing strategies and tactics aim at promoting better consistency  UAB Directory across all visual communications is essential. From analytics to insights bas on the above. It goes without saying that we rely more and more on data analysis both to evaluate