Pressure to ensure transparency regarding the activities and procures they implement to promote a more ecological and sustainable economy. A topic we have explor in depth in our sense of sustainability report . National and international companies. Large and small. Have begun to rethink the way in which they operate and how they apply and improve. Day after day. Their internal procures with a view to sustainability. One of the ways in which companies are limiting their impact on the environment is by optimizing internal processes aim at rucing the production and waste of unnecessary products.Digital transformation continues to change companies from

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Performing periodic checks on inactive contacts and categories. Companies can take the right steps to protect themselves from gdpr violations. If you’re looking to update the way your business handles sensitive data. Learn how to take advantage of our contacts tool. Gdpr compliance 2020 sustainability driven by transparency there is no denying that today’s consumers are tech-savvy and that. While they seek to connect with brands that make authenticity the main element of their communication strategies. They are also interest in knowing the impact that companies have on the  business email list world. Furthermore. The fashion and cosmetics sectors are particularly under

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The case and marketers. At all levels. Should have a basic. If not mid-level. Understanding of privacy skills. Especially with the understanding that mishandling personal data can cost a company up to €20 million in fines . In 2020. The amount of personal data handl is expect to increase so it is essential to ensure compliance with the tools your company uses to collect and store UAB Directory  that data. One of the methods that companies can implement is the establishment of a consistent and well-defin core group. Which supports their efforts on a daily basis and not just in the form of a bimonthly review. By managing mailing lists. Contact databases. Business and press. And