Will see little results from using hashtags like #highstreet or #everydayfashion. Both the size and engagement of your account then impact performance . Using overly generic hashtags like #fashion leads to low chances of ranking high . This is because the hashtag is very popular which implies competition with other accounts which. Among other things. May have higher engagement than yours. It is important. Therefore. To use hashtags with low competitiveness and high potential in terms of reach. By looking at your target audience and investigating the type of hashtag they probably follow. It is possible to build a list that will allow you to reach a wider

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Organize gift campaigns with gifts and giveaways. Allowing consumers to win their products following the publication of dicat images and using brand hashtags. Use industry-specific hashtags hashtags on social mia and in particular on instagram. Work in a similar way to seo of blogs. Articles and online content. It is possible to position yourself bas on a certain hashtag and make your content visible to certain target groups. With a potential increase in the reach of your posts. Between 14% and 40%. Using the right hashtags Business database for a fashion brand means using the hashtags that are us in your sector and which. Therefore. Are specific. A luxury brand. For example.

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Content containing that hashtag at a later time that is relat to your brand. Hashtags of this type are also a way to collect user-generat content. Then reuse it later on your own channels. To celebrate consumers and communicate authenticity. The fashion houseĀ  UAB Directory dolce & gabbana. For example. Uses the hashtag #dgfamilyon all his posts. Mainly on instagram but not only. In combination with the specific hashtags for each of the different campaigns. By encouraging the influencers with whom it collaborates to use the hashtag #dgfamily. At the end of the influencer campaigns. The brand is able to collect all the relat content in a single post. Furthermore. Brands often