You can’t control it, and its results depend on your overall marketing strategy and execution. If done right, it could become one of your most powerful marketing channels. Let me introduce you to this often overlooked marketing channel that has had a huge impact on our business: word-of-mouth marketing. The terms “word of mouth” and “word-of-mouth marketing” are sometimes used interchangeably. But they’re not the same thing, and we need to define the first to understand the second. Word of mouth (WoM) is the act of telling people about a product or a brand.

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This article, we’ll only talk about positive WoM. Word-of-mouth marketing (WoMM) is the process of influencing and encouraging natural discussions executive email list about a product, service, or company. It refers to the incentivization of WoM. WoMM doesn’t become a crucial part of your marketing mix the moment you start focusing your attention and resources on it. It takes time, a lot of time, and flywheels can explain why. WoMM can be referred to as a self-reinforcing marketing channel. In the beginning, you won’t see any huge effects. But as you go along, it becomes much easier to get the results. The effects can even start compounding.

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Use a flywheel as an analogy here. Rand Fishkin popularized the term “marketing flywheel.” You can see one of the flywheels containing WoM here: I’ll break it to UAB Directory you right away. You need a great product to incentivize WoM. All the other tips and tactics won’t make up for it if you don’t. The Ahrefs product has been at the forefront of our marketing from the start. We penetrated the SEO tools market as a backlink analysis tool back in 2010. From there, we quickly built our reputation of being the best in the market. A few years and many features later, we’ve become one of the two most used all-in-one SEO toolsets. Your product positioning, i.e., how you portray your product to potential customers, also plays a role here. The key to this is proper market research that should guide both the product roadmap and your positioning.