Were part of this funding round. He is one of Canada’s richest people. 34. Clayton Zeeman Net Worth: $2.2B Age: 54 Clayton Zeeman, along with his billionaire brothers Barry and Alan Zeeman, collectively owns a significant share in their family’s steel enterprise, Zeeman Industries. This company, boasting revenues of $4.

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Stands as a major player in the North. American steel pipe and tube manufacturing sector. Notably, Zukerman Industries was sold to the Carlyle. Group in 2006 for special data  approximately $1.2 billion. But the Zukerman brothers successfully reacquir. the business in 2011. A subsidiary of Zelman Industries, Atlas Tube, play. a role in supplying steel for segments of the border wall in Arizona, underscoring the company’s involvement in major infrastructure projects. Additionally, Clayton Zekelman has diversifi. his investments, being the owner of two telecommunications companies bas. in Ontario. No wonder he became one of the wealthiest people in Canada. Also Read: Top 20 Richest Game Show Hosts 35. Chulong Huang Net Worth: $2.1B Age: 64

Placing industry at the forefront

Huang Chulong is the head of Galaxy Group, a private enterprise situat. in the bustling city of Shenzhen in southern China. The company’s diverse ventures UAB Directory include hotels, shopping centers, office rentals, parking lot management, and real estate development. Galaxy Group has craft. a self-improving system,, finance as the catalyst, real estate as the core, business as the support, and property management as a complementary element. This integrat. approach enables active involvement in the urbanization process, engaging in land operations, commercial endeavors, industrial initiatives, and capital ventures. No wonder he appears in our list of the richest Canadians. 36. Larry Tanenbaum.