Optimizing SEO for WordPress if you have a Web project on this platform, it has to be a priority for you. Because? Because today, it is no longe. A secret that you must take care of everything related to the positioning. Search engine visibility of your site down to the smallest detail. Not in vain, if you already know what WordPress is and the number of advantages. I has you will agree with me that, in addition to having created your own quality content. The next step should be to optimize it so that Google positions it properly in The lists. Therefore, if your project or business is based on this CMS. It is necessary that you establish strong foundations. Especially if you aspire to really occupy the first positions. In the SERPs for your most relevant keywords .

Why is it so important to prioritize SEO for WordPress in your digital strategy?

Before starting with the guide, I want to give you some reasons why. within your business’s email database digital marketing plan. Optimizing SEO in WordPress should be one of the issues where you invest the most time. If you hurry me , also money. You must take into account that SEO for WordPress encompasses various aspects of On-Page. That is, what is done internally. but also what is external to your site. Or also called “Off-Page”. Download My Ebook About Content Strategy!. Help improve your organic traffic One of the most important points. Of optimizing is that it helps you improve the Web traffic that your blog or corporate site receives.

Improve the interaction that Google users have with your website

This is because, by optimizing your site and, therefore, your positioning in search engines. It allows you to have UAB Directory greater organic visibility and receive more visits from Google. Best of all, if you do it right, you can not only receive traffic directly to your home page. But to different pages or categories on your site. Furthermore, with a good On-Page you can bring. More traffic to your least viewed pages through your most visited content. ยป Improve the interaction that Google users have with your website. This is one of the most important points, and it is that when you optimize. The SEO of your blog through WordPress. You can achieve excellent results in many technical aspects. It is not only about improving the content you display. But also about improving the user experience they have when browsing your website.