Nowadays, talking about URLs is making it something basic for any area of ​​Digital Marketing. But do we really know what a URL is and what its structure should be. On the other hand, do we know how this structure can. Affect the SEO of our website or eCommerce. At first almost all of us tend to think that this element is an irrelevant part. The Internet ecosystem and that its use is limited to designating the address of a page. But, a URL is much more important than all that. Among other things, choosing the correct structure. Can help us improve our organic positioning on Google.

What is a URL for on the Internet?

A U niform Resource Locator , better known as URL ( Uniform Resource Locator. Is that email leads unique and specific address of pages, content and resources on the Internet and that we use in order for them. To be located by a Web browser and displayed . by users. This abbreviation, although it is a fairly common term and one that. we tend to use a lot in our daily lives (more so if we have created our own website. s sometimes structured and used too lightly. Forgetting its true importance for SEO. and its meaning for our online presence. According to the previous definition, each content that is uploaded to the Internet. And each page that is created has a specific and unique address. which cannot be replicated and with which we can directly access said resource through the browser of our terminal.

Who and why invented this concept?

Can two URLs be the same No , it is impossible for two URLs to exist the same. In a way, we could compare it with any type UAB Directory of “unique” identification. Such as the DNI. Passport or Driving License number: there is only one per person and those digits are used to identify only that individual. Now that you know what a URL is, I would like to clarify that not only Web pages have a specific address . Images, videos and other different resources that are uploaded to the Internet also have a specific and unique address with which to locate them. You can do a quick test of what I’m telling you yourself: look for any image or video. Select it and right click on it and in the drop-down click on “copy image address.  Then paste it into another browser tab.