What is Spam what types exist and how can we detect and prevent it

You’ve probably heard the term Spam but do you really know what it means. Taking into account that this practice affects us all. Today I want us to see together what Spam is, what types exist. how we can detect it and how to avoid receiving unwanted messages and emails or annoying commercial phone calls. Nowadays, both on the Internet and in other traditional media. we receive a lot of junk information every day whose origin we really don’t know. Therefore, we must learn to filter and leave aside what we have not previously requested. that is, the annoying Spam. Precisely, as I already mentioned at the beginning. I want to talk to you about this type of “unsolicited communications” today. Now, let’s start with its definition, and then see how to identify. And prevent spam harassment by mail, phone or text message.

What is a Spammer and what is Spamming?

Spam , also known as “junk message or junk mail,” is information not requested by the recipient. And sent en masse top people data over the Internet or more traditional communication channels . Spam usually comes from an unknown or anonymous sender. In most cases. We usually talk about this type of unsolicited content in the field of Email Marketing. When we receive unwanted or advertising Spam emails. Even free emails like Gmail. For example, have a pre-created default folder called this way. Knowing that you, as the owner of an email account. Will surely receive unwanted advertising or promotions. Furthermore, generally, these are sent by the person or company in a massive way. Something that obviously usually bothers everyone who receives it. Although this means of communication is not the only one used for these purposes. 

And you may say, what relationship does Spam have with canned food?

It is similar to the email that I explained to you previously but it arrives through other. Chat or instant UAB Directory messaging programs and platforms. Such as Facebook or Instagram Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. In practice, it is usually a mass mailing to users of these applications who meet certain common requirements. and for clearly advertising purposes. Mobile spam (SMS) These offers. And discounts are also usually spread through traditional text messages. Many companies to which one day we gave our data. Perhaps consenting through a “small print” that they would provide your own. Data to one of their partners or partners. In this way, these companies launch their notifications en mas. Through an SMS and a CTA where they invite you to learn more information.

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