The independent agency from Seville has created the new Efficold advertising campaign in which the Spanish company’s commitment to the environment. The environment is highlighted. Efficold, with more than 30 years of experience. The world’s leading company in the design and manufacture of personalized commercial cold solutions. Products to stand out at the point of sale for the main national. International beverage brands. Different investigations have been undertaken to determine the typology. Consumers based on the study of their attitude . How do they relate to brands? What are your passions and interests? How is your lifestyle? Analyzing these parameters and with information from its own Audience.

The New Efficold campaign

Has as its prescribers the expert phryologists, the Viking Freya Fryson and the explorer Erick Colerson. Therefore, fictional characters to highlight top industry data how at Efficold they innovate day by day to offer their clients personalized and exclusive solutions with the most ecological, efficient cold and with the lowest environmental impact on the market. Therefore, it is a privilege to be able to work for such a brave and innovative advertiser.Knowing consumers well is key for brands, which often overlook the types of buyers that exist. To develop an effective media strategy, it is essential to know who the final target is, as this allows us to adapt the offer of products and services to their needs and preferences. Over the last few years.

The mix of confidence and demand

Makes us bring out our best creative version. As a world leader, Efficold demands and requires us to go one step ahead, risking and betting on UAB Directory generating notable and differentiating commercial communication with respect to the rest of the players in its industry ,” declared José Arribas, executive director and chief creative officer of Parnaso .Daniel Martinez Ligero joins The Trade Desk in Spain as Director of Business Development. He has more than 17 years of experience in the technology, media and programmatic advertising sectors. With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and a master’s degree in Sales and Marketing Management from the IE Business School, Daniel was previously directing the development of advertising business.