In addition, it provides useful Product Industry’s information about visiting hours and prices that is of great interest to someone who is thinking about visiting those places. The best result according to Google for “what to see in Toledo” is this, so we now have a clue as to how we should orient the content that the client has commissioned from us. But, just like before, when we did Keyword Research, we are not going to settle for just seeing the first result and we are going to take a look at some more, since they are the direct competitors of our content. If we don’t know what they do, how are we going to overcome them? The next result is that of Travel Guides.

How we should Product Industry's orient the content that the client

It has a very similar structure to category email list the first URL, although it makes navigation much easier for the user by placing the links to the headers at the beginning of the post, which can be achieved with plugins such as Table of Content Plus. I like the idea: I’ll keep it Let’s go to the third result, Sites from Spain, and see how they have developed their content to reach that position. We don’t find any big surprises here either: like the previous ones, a list of places with an image and a brief description of each of them. In fourth position we find the official tourism page of Toledo which, despite having hardly any text content in that.

The next result is that of Travel Guides

URL, undoubtedly has that privileged UAB Directory position due to the authority of the domain. seo writing In this case it is quite clear that the search intention responds to a list of places to visit in Toledo and that provide useful information. We can create quite good content if we combine artistic and historical information about each place and monument with practical information: opening hours, guided tours, prices, discounts… This means that it is not relevant for us to tell the history of Toledo or to talk about its gastronomy, since the user only wants to know what to see in Toledo. Spot. Do not try to fill content outside of the search intention because it will not serve to position better .