Yes, okay, this article does not tell you any cool tools or techniques for Online Marketing, or Guerrilla Marketing, or positioning, nor are there any videos. I know, it’s not what you’re used to on this blog. But this article has a lot to do with Blogging and creativity. Especially with this last one. (” Creativity reduces as fear grows” , please tweet it ).

I have written and published it to face the fear that you will leave me

To experience the fear of losing you so I can be myself and let myself go. If you stay, I’ll be the one you like. If you’re leaving, I’m glad you’re leaving now, I never wanted to waste your time. But, finally, don’t go. Seriously, I only get lost from time to time with these articles but I quickly get back to category email list what I do. Seriously, finally, I already have aFew things help good one for the day after tomorrow. I promise you! The previous paragraph was a slip. Let’s go little by little. Tell me, how are you getting along with your fears? You are brave? Do you agree with me that we have to face our fears? Do you like rice with vegetables?

Fear is natural and has a protective function.

That’s how it is. Fear is a state of mind that occursFew things help when we perceive danger. If you want you can see the definition of fear on Wikipedia but I’m not going with that plan with this post. Just stay with this: Fear is emotion and alertness when danger is perceived . If there is no danger, there is no fear. If we do not perceive UAB Directory something as a danger, there is no fear. The physiological effects produced by fear are something like when we dope. I am not an expert in this matter but I will tell you that it improves our performance so that we can emerge from that threatening situation unscathed.