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Summarizing: We have located the Elevate Your main keywords that will go mainly in the H1 or title and in the H2. We have found terms that we can spread in the text naturally although, in this case, we can also use them to create lists of monuments in H3, for example. We have obtained keywords from our competitors that help us complete the two previous lists. Let’s continue. Once we have the keywords, it is time to determine the search intention of the query “what to see in Toledo”. Search intent Identifying the search intention is nothing more than knowing what the user wants to find when they type that query in the search engine.

Terms that we can Elevate Your spread in the text naturally although

The traditional way to identify it is to go to the SERPs and industry email list see directly what Google is positioning because it is supposed to be what users prefer. Be careful: sometimes Google positions certain URLs simply because there is nothing better Also keep in mind that sometimes there are results that rank very well not so much based on the quality of their content with respect to search intent but rather on the authority of the domain itself. Don’t lose sight of these factors when you browse the SERPs. Let’s take a look at.

Also keep in mind that sometimes there are results that

Google to see what it UAB Directory tells us about “what to see in Toledo” (remember to use incognito mode so it doesn’t take your browsing data into account). What the SERPs show us are mainly websites and blogs specialized in travel, so it is likely that some of them, as I told you above, are there because of the authority that their domain has. Additionally, we also see that almost all the content seems to be site listings, so let’s go into some of these URLs to check how they are doing. In the first result, Viajeros Callejeros, we find an introduction and a list of sites with a description and an image, without further ado.

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