Why we are now buying Lego and Playmobil from a more expensive supplier. Some of our Playmobil and Lego inventory we are not purchasing from the cheapest supplier. The reason expensive supplier for this is simple. We are interested in strengthening relationships because we are interested in the medium and long term. The same question you will ask yourself is this. Who are these suppliers?

We work with Lego

We work with Lego, Playmobile and other brands directly When you are small like us and work with brands directly, the prices you receive in most cases are higher than those of other company data suppliers with the same products. In fact, it is even difficult to work with them. Sometimes they ask for up to 100,000 euros of minimum investment, which also for us rules out a direct relationship with some brands in the short term.


The direct relationship expensive supplier

The direct relationship has solved many problems for us in the past When you sell third-party brands on Amazon, sooner or later you are going to run into problems with blocked UAB Directory listings or similar. Amazon protects the intellectual property rights of these brands. Through its algorithms it automates this work and sometimes blocks listings that should not be blocked. This has affected us many times in the past.