Trust and provide opportunities to share various ideas and suggestions to make work more comfortable and easier. For example, if you don’t trust your co-workers or colleagues, then you won’t be able to share your ideas and suggestions with them, and they will also ignore you in the workplace and feel uncomfortable talking to you. Rather than wasting your hard-earned resources on small hasty decisions that you will later regret.

It is better to revise them multiple times and finally deliver them perfectly. We know that when you start a business alone, you face a lot of pressure and expectations, but my dear friend, only those who handle this pressure with calmness and composure can lead in a better way.

Certain things will also make you regret 

The problem that most Indian startups lack is the way they handle public relations. Good to see that currently they are not trying PR themselves but outsourcing it to startup PR agencies. But even if outsourcing them, startups decide to hire PR agency, here is the list of things like this. They are company data not good at storytelling: Yes, storytelling is the main art that PR professionals need to become experts in because For a story to have a long-term impact.

It needs to be told in a way that attracts journalists almost immediately. Most public relations professionals lack this art, and even if they provide startups with many innovative points worth highlighting, they often fail to bring many benefits to startups.

It is necessary to remain curious

It’s good for PRs to tell stories about their past clients to attract potential clients. But once you join, if these professionals are still harping on about previous clients instead of for working on your project; then be careful these people are good for nothing and won’t bring you as much media exposure as UAB Directory claimed. 3. They think they are experts: Yes, they may be experts in the art of storytelling, but that doesn’t mean they have to act like experts when talking to customers. They don’t need to assume the role of expert in order to reflect the best characteristics of their clients and their organizations in media coverage.