What makes a good Facebook marketing group? To find out, I vetted over 35 of them based on the volume. Of activity in the group, the quality and relevance of the content. And how the admins and members engaged with each other. Before getting into the list, do remember that many marketing. Groups require you to answer some simple questions before your request. Is approved, such as what you hope to get from joining the community. 10 Best Digital Here are the 10 best Facebook marketing groups that made the list: Are you in the social media space? Here’s a community for you to expand your network, grow your social media presence, and learn from some knowledgeable folks.

Founder Kat Sullivan

Noticed that few Facebook group founders actively engaged with members and sought to fill the gap through Marketing Solved. Its main point of difference is its focus company data on connecting small-business owners and marketers with useful resources. From my observations, Kat is generous in sharing her experiences of working with entrepreneurs and brands. This group is ideal for anyone who’s interested in discussing marketing best practices, social media ad campaigns, and management of client relationships (for agencies). While there are many insightful discussions, these can get fairly technical. Thus, having prior marketing knowledge is probably useful.

As a SaaS conversion

Specialist, he’s helped convert expired trial users into paying customers through email nurture campaigns. Today, the Facebook group is an extension of Aaron’s experiences and UAB Directory includes the founders of established tech companies such as Intercom and AdEspresso. From what I’ve gleaned, its members are happy to share insights on how to start or scale a SaaS business, as well as improve or build better products. 10 Best Digital Peep Laja is a big believer in evidence-based marketing, and he built growth platform ConversionXL (CXL) on this very premise.

His Facebook community is just the same: Members are candid in sharing about their failed experiments and frequently run polls or seek advice on analytics, growth, tag managers, and more. The bulk of discussions revolve around Google Analytics, CRO audits, Google Search Console, as well as recommended marketing reads. You may also stumble upon posts like this one.