Prk in the capital. He also applied for a Management Trainee position at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Syariah. When the user interviewed him in his office, he was saved by the dominant questions about problem solving. Relieved when there are no on-the-spot coding assignments or technical tests that require him to type code. Having passed the question about mindset, he felt lucky. He also received a job offer. Early 2017 Ridho started working as a Software Engineer. Gradually he realized that if he wanted to have a brilliant programming career, he had to master specialist skills in his field of work as a developer. On the other hand, in the industrial world, a generalist IT worker will find it more difficult to compete. 

IT worker who knows a lot about

What’s that? An IT generalist is an various fields, both software and hardware, but can only code a little and has minimal mastery in an area of programming expertise. Moving on from “generalist” status, Ridho was determined to become a reliable “specialist” programmer. According to him, without specialization, it will be difficult for a programmer whatsapp database to compete and “his career will just be like that!” Setting Up a Programming Career Starting from zero coding experience, now after 3 years Ridho holds the full position of programmer in his office with confidence. From not liking it, it turned into a promising programming career. Here’s the secret: #1 Change your mindset to be open to learning new things “The mind must be open to learning the latest things. You’ll like it later.” (Ridho) We often don’t like coding.

This mindset makes us stuck exploring

 Because we think “it must be difficult.” In fact, new things. Instead, free your mind to learn new things. Just try it first to find out. Ridho said that sometimes it seems like undergraduate graduates often don’t know what their passion is. The reason is, you haven’t really freed your mind and looked for what you like. When he “plunged” into becoming a programmer, it was proven that this open minded attitude was very important. From the beginning I was forced to UAB Directory learn the web, over time it became a routine and exciting habit. “It turns out that learning programming is fun, now I actually enjoy exploring new knowledge, learning new things, and being able to implement them.” (Ridho) #2 Be persistent in learning while directly