My own applications” (Ridho) Without a basic programming . Background, he realized that he was behind in terms of skills compared to his friends.  Therefore, the only way to advance in hisAs a result, everything goes wrong when applying for a job. Accepted to Work as a Programmer The thought of returning to his hometown on the Palembang – Lampung border made Ridho diligently look for w programming career is to study with a real target: to have a work that he builds himself from scratch. Initially he studied web material from YouTube and then practiced it in real cases in the office. Luckily, he also received guidance from a mentor in his office regarding what technology stack he had to master.

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Monitoring website for his internal office. The following is the “brissmart” web application, which is an application used by Lakupandai Agents (brissmart) to transact banking services. This application helps in realizing financial inclusion for levels of whatsapp number list society that are classified as unbankable so they can enjoy banking services. programming career This website created by Ridho is widely used by BRI Syariah users in remote areas where branch office services or ATM machines are difficult to reach. Entering his 3rd year, he expanded his scope of specialization to mobile development . The initial portfolio is “I-Kurma” which is an application used by Marketing for the financing application process.

Usually when marketing inputs

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Financing, they have to come to the office. The process of applying for even small financing can take 3-5 days. But with this application, the financing input process can be done directly on the spot at that time and it only takes 1 day for disbursement. Get Bekraf Developer Talent Facilitation from the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Even though he UAB Directory can create his own apps and websites, Ridho is aware that his work is not yet scalable because it is built on a simple basis. No wonder he wants to level up. He saw the facilitation from Baparekraf Developer Talent (BDT) in collaboration with Dicoding, as an opportunity to realize his intentions. “I registered for BDT so I could learn best practices for Android application development.