Applications according to “best practices.” Verified curriculum from Google. Now I am among the 350 best graduates. “I won’t waste the opportunity to study in the Android Jetpack class now  Looking . Back about 3 years ago, Ridho did not imagine My target is to be able to make quality himself having a programming. Career like he does now. language of instruction, make sure you are confident in writing and speak English. Coded as a Rising Developer Curriculum Dicoding is proud.    There are 3 types of assessments or qualification tests.   (Ridho) After registering in March 2020, Ridho studied in the Android

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According to him: “It’s never too late if you want to pursue a programming caree. Just do it: study and practice! It’s only natural that we’re late. It requires extra effort, process and hard work. “ Bangkit List 2021 – Prepare for a Career in Leading . Technology Companies Get to know Bangki whatsapp data more .  Who want to learn the basics of Machine Learning, Android Programming, or Cloud Computing

Developer pathway and passed 3 classes up to Learning Android Application Fundamentals. How was the experience.

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General of Higher Education – Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture . Bangkit is open only to 3000 selected participants from all over Indonesia.  in an online learning experience totaling 900 hours over 18 weeks starting in February 2021. The Bangkit Curriculum can be accessed at UAB Directory angkit-curriculum . Participants who complete this program will be eligible for up to 20 university study credits (SKS) (subject to approval by the participant’s university). If you are an undergraduate/D4 student registered at an accredited campus throughout.  Bangkit 2021 will use English as.