Many top global companies have implemented JS as their flagship programming language. We can also prove that JS is popular and is the most widely used language on Github. github js Like FB, Linkedin, Trello, Medium, even Google, one of the languages used is JS (JavaScript). That’s the reason why developers compete to be the best at learning JavaScript. JavaScript Functions image script You must already understand JavaScript functions. Apart from making the web more dynamic and interactive, JS is also used for logical data processing. “In essence, the JS function is not only about front end matters , but is also used for back end matters,” added the developer. JavaScript Advantages programming It seems like you already know the advantages.

These are some of the advantages

JavaScript is not only used on the client (browser) side , you know . Since Node.js, JavaScript can be used outside the browser. That way you can develop back-end (server), console , desktop programs, mobile , IoT, games , and others using JavaScript. 2. Easy to Learn Each programming language has a different level of difficulty. The level of difficulty can be seen from severa whatsapp database factors. In my opinion, syntax or writing is one of the most important factors to learn. JS is still relatively easy to learn as long as you are serious about learning and always dare to make improvements or play around with it . Still don’t believe JS is easy to learn? OK, here’s a comparison of JS with several other languages. 

JS is much more concise in terms

 Of JavaScript, but I’ll explain it in more depth, hehe. of JS that will make your determination strong to learn it. 1. General Purpose Currently, For example, in displaying “Hello World!” yes. C++ language #include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << “Hello, world!\n”; return 0; } Java language class AppHelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(“Hello World!”); } } JavaScript language console.log(‘Hello World!’) The UAB Directory program code above displays the same result, namely “Hello World!”. How? It’s proven ,  of writing. 3. Very Powerful You must know! JavaScript is a mature programming language , this characteristic is what makes JavaScript very powerful . In the past, the basic website was still PHP or maybe we used WordPress. All web logic is created and depends on the server side.