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With industry practitioners and validated by a team from AWS (Amazon Web Services) ? AWS provides Indonesian language classes in the field of Back-End Developer and is provided for FREE through the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program . The scholarship is public, unconditional, and completely free.  and fill out the short registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services Usually programmers use JavaScript to make their work easier and create automation in several types of programming. That’s why JavaScript is so important for a programmer . Hey, there’s no need to worry for those of you who are just starting out or want to become a JavaScript.

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With JavaScript, as well as functions and examples. Listen thoroughly, friend! What Is JavaScript? javascript Did you know that JavaScript is a programming language used in developing websites to make them more dynamic and interactive. If previously you only knew HTML and CSS, now you know that JavaScript can increase the functionality of web pages. Even with JavaScript ws number list you can create applications, tools , or even games on the web. Technically speaking, JavaScript or what we call JS for short is an interpreter type programming language, so you don’t need a compiler to run it. JavaScript has features such as object-oriented, client-side , high-level programming , and loosely typed . History of JavaScript book javascript For those of you who are still laymen, you might be curious about how this programming language was originally.

JavaScript was designed by Brendan

 In 1994 JavaScript became known, at that time the web and internet had begun to develop. Eich who is a Netscape employee. Transformation of JavaScript names, starting from Mocha, Mona, LiveScript, until finally officially named JavaScript. The initial version of the JS language was only used by Netscape and its functionality UAB Directory was still limited. Long story short, in 1996 JavaScript was officially named ECMAScript. ECMAScript 2 was developed in 1998, followed by ECMAScript 3 a year later. ECMAScript continued to be developed until it finally became JavaScript or JS today. In 2016, 92% of the web was known to use JavaScript. That’s why JavaScript or JS continues to develop.

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