He left here, in Paris, one morning and not an afternoon as he prict, but it was still raining and it wasn’t Thursday either, and that doesn’t matter either, nor does he never get off the subway when it was still moving, nor sit down – no Forget, dear, that I only have this pair of shoes, that if I go down I waste the sole, and that I only have this pair of pants, that if I sit down I waste the money. Vallejo left at 46 years old, without children, without a home, without woes .

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 He went to sleep in the Montparnasse Cemetery in Division 12 Location 3, so that when the winds blow that side of the world and we have lunch alone and remind our mothers that there is a place call Paris, we will go around business email list and read a single verse that reminds you that you are still alive.We always hear that technology and the entire “digital wave” must be at the service of ucation, providing new means, strategies and possibilities, with which ucators and students can improve their teaching-learning processes, thus promoting more accessible and dynamic.

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 However, what happens when this “avalanche” becomes a “visible enemy”, capable of stopping aspirations, responsibilities and projects? Immers in cyberspace, we can come across virtual environments such as Facebook or WhatsApp, which have improv our connectivity or made our academic work easier. However, addictive applications, if us without control and UAB Directory dosage, can cause the creation of bad habits. For example, how many times have we play the popular Candy Crush and have been truly hypnotiz by the candies, colors, sounds and the satisfaction of passing levels that seemingly have no end, leaving aside duties and chores that turn out to be priorities in our lives.