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 Students are the most likely to suffer from procrastination since their degree of emotional maturity has just been consolidat, and technological distractions make the task of counteracting this situation even more difficult. However, there are some “tips” to deal with this disorder, such as thinking about the negative effects of postponing our activities, thinking about the success that would mean completing actions on time without stress or “rewarding yourself” with a significant incentive when you do. terminate the activity. The feeling of success in overcoming procrastination can generate beings who are more mature and aware of fighting against their own limitations, thereby improving the quality of life.

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 At a time when video games like Pokémon Go capture the attention of millions of netizens, who, eager for new experiences, immerse themselves in this application, it is surreal to observe that they reward the first Peruvian Pokémon master who business database has already caught 145 of these virtual creatures, or that The topic monopolizes the main newspaper headlines. It is evident that we are at the height of this so-call digital procrastination, excessive use of social networks, websites and other environments that distance us from our reality and many relevant situations.

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 It should be emphasiz that the purpose of this article is not to “demonize” the cyber world in which we are all coexisting, but rather to reflect on how we can establish a harmonious coexistence with technology so as not to submit to it. Chatting with our family members, traveling, reading, finishing our projects would be a good start to improving our lifestyle. In this globaliz world, where distractions deriv from UAB Directory the Internet such as games and applications make it easier for procrastination to become an unstoppable psychological disorder, much will depend on the ucation of the family and the school to dose them, being in most cases cases the main reason or excuse, but not the only one, for not fulfilling our projects.

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