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Platforms provide other reports that can help make important decisions. Bas on the device on which the recipient open the click message, fix or mobile. Bas on this information, we can decide to change the message template to Responsive templates to adapt to every device. All in all the more time we spend analyzing reports after each shipment the greater the chance of improving campaign effectiveness and promotion success. Previous An error occurr while building the mail database. What to do to avoid them Next Video Mail Where It Works and How to Put It into Code offers thousands of tips on how to build a mail database effectively.

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Some methods work better and some methods work less well. Therefore, every entrepreneur in every industry must find a golden mean for himself. In this article I want to show the most common mistakes. Check to see if you made them too. Bad First Impressions There are rules for good behavior in the real world as well as in the virtual depths of the Internet. Therefore it is customary to greet and thank subscribers who sign up for the mailing list. It would be better if you were greet with bread and salt which on the Internet simply Singapore Telegram Data means discounts rebates or access to unique content only for a select group of Internet users. We all know first impressions are the most important.

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So lacking a warm welcome from your subscribers can be a serious mistake. Complex forms Filling out the registration form should be clear and unambiguous i.e. only ask for data from the form that you will definitely use in the future. Why Germany Email List block subscribers with a table that’s too broad? Why would anyone ne data like this? Sometimes problems can arise if the table contains details that potential subscribers simply don’t want to provide. There may also be concerns about data security. It is therefore necessary to provide detail information on what the legal basis of the issues is, for what purpose and who will be the administrator of these issues. If the form is missing information such as newsletter delivery frequency or promotional policies, potential subscribers may worry about receiving too many emails as spam.

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