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Building loyalty to our brand. Want to know more about this topic? Write to us A word about the author ń Educat computer graphics designer. She has join since as a Junior Developer and is responsible for the technical preparation of newsletter landing pages and surveys. Support customers to ensure their creations display correctly. Test and introduce new email-relat solutions. Secretly he is a fan of fantasy books and movies. Fans of Marvel and Catspaw. Long time Woodstock Music Festival enthusiasts and secret mailers we know it will be post at a specific time and sent to our database of recipients that have been successfully.

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Select relying on high shipping efficiency. At this point you can say that the work is complete and you can boldly move on to further projects and tasks. Really? In fact we’re only half way there or even just start because we still ne to analyze plann shipments. The success of follow-up activities depends on how carefully we analyze the report South Africa Telegram Data and draw conclusions. Message has been sent. Time for analysis. What we ne to pay attention to first is comparing the number of messages sent and deliver i.e. the return rate. There are email addresses on the recipient list, and the message is only sent to, what happens to the rest of the message may appear as Sent.

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Email and Deliver due to reflections receiv by the sending server from the recipient’s email server Differences Between Emails. There are many factors that contribute to this. The most common ones include the following The address China Email List does not exist or is register in a non-existent domain The mailbox is temporarily full and is not accepting mail. In order to improve the delivery rate of advertising emails, we must pay attention to the hygiene of the database. What does this mean? We can exclude from further shipments addresses for which a return is record because the address or domain name does not exist. Such an address simply does not exist.

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