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The General Data Protection Regulation ( ) will significantly affect the scope of obligations of companies and entities that process personal data and will force a raft of changes in their protection policies. It is worth emphasizing that large fines are provid for possible personal data breaches, which in extreme cases can reach and for companies up to , of their global annual turnover in the previous fiscal year. We present to you in bullet points what measures you should take to avoid problems and penalties relat to the new regulations. Conduct an internal audit to verify the legal and organizational status of your company in preparation for the new regulations.

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Make key personnel in the organization aware of the possible consequences of the organization’s failure to adapt to new regulations. Verify that due to the scale of personal data processing within the organization it is necessary to keep Thailand Telegram Data a register of processing activities and appoint a data protection inspector. Even if there is no ne to appoint a data protection inspector in the organization, it is still a good idea to appoint a person who will oversee the processing of data. idea. Determine the scope and timeline of work requir to process personal data bas on . Modify the company’s internal regulations such as security policy, privacy policy, etc.

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Consent adjustments to the information we collect today enable us to process personal data to meet new legal requirements. Verification procures covering all rights possess by natural persons, including methods of deletion of Mexico Email List personal data and electronic transfer. A of data. Consider implementing systems to verify the age of persons. Aprimarily data on minors. A and obtain parental or legal guardian consent for activities relat to data processing. Ensure appropriate procures are in place to detec. A report and investigate personal. A data breaches. Understand the publish guidance on data protection impact assessments . A privacy impact assessments and develop an approach to implementing them in your organization. If you want to stay up to date with. A the latest news we encourage you to follow the Foundation’s.

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