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A profile which has a lot to say about the protection of personal data and electronic communications. Email marketing campaigns all start with words. Good words. We choose the sender’s name, address, and subject which basically determines the success of the campaign. Then we start creating content that can focus on purely selling, ucating the recipient, or just providing information. This last point is where most marketers decide to make their jobs easier. Instead of coding the message and coming up with the appropriate text to perform or test, they simply paste ready-made graphics. Why does this happen? It’s easier to throw.

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The so-call ready-made ones. No ne to perform many tests No ne to thoroughly check that mailing is working correctly on all email clients. Just load the mail database and send then cry with poor results. However, in most cases Turkey Telegram Data this shortcut doesn’t work at all. All graphic emails end up as spam, open rates skyrocket, and there are no results. You don’t believe it then let’s do a little test. Log into your email and access the folder. I bet the emails inside are all the graphic emails mention above, the text is just the footer. I was right. Check your inbox now. It mainly consists of emails written in text form because that’s how people write to each other in reality.

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Loses the right to settle

No normal person would send an email to a friend or business partner that looks like a large banner. Now you know why most directors and marketing managers don’t value the role of email marketing. There is a simple relationship here Malaysia Email List bad emails graphics lack of text and optimization poor results e.g. sales and claims emails don’t work (already ready). A picture is worth a word Well maybe yes but can you imagine a graphic that could sell a loan or a service or generate leads Me neither. Yes a good photo or graphic is a great addition but it should never play a major role. Another example Go to your website and delete all text on it. You can keep the footer and menu.

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