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You only have a few seconds to grab the recipient’s attention and encourage further interaction. Trivial pure sales phrases such as big sale and you have to take advantage of it are outdat. Instead it’s worth adding something interesting to reassure the recipient that the email will be interesting when they click twice. We recommend not using the email subject example given earlier You have two days left to join the winners. Check what you ne to do. It’s also worth remembering here that the pre-header is the first line of text that appears in an email program immiately after the subject. This place is an opportunity to specify the content of your email and trigger a click. Countdown theme is now widely us by marketers. Nothing has a greater impact on the recipient than time constraints. It involves adding a dynamic timer.

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To the email creation which will count down the date and time the promotion ends. Such newsletters stir up emotions in the recipients. Graphics Example of promotional email with timer. file. Attention A very important point on the project list is consistency in communication. The header content of the email must be closely relat to the content on the landing page. It also touches on less important aspects — like fonts. Colors Graphics Theme – all of this should form a coherent whole – so the customer knows where and why he is coming to our website. A very important part of your newsletter is the call-to-action button. What we want to call the action.

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Only up to us but it is worth avoiding purely sales phrases. We could try to encourage people with the title button Yes I want to use this instead of Buy Now . Another factor that is equally important when talking about personalization is the Singapore Email List sender of the message. Ideally when you introduce your first and last name. Such emails help build trust, emphasize brand professionalism and have a positive impact on metrics. According to research conduct by , personaliz emails lead to higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates. But if for some reason you are unable to do so then it would be nice if the recipient is associat with the brand then you can easily.

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