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The word remarketing has permanently enter the lexicon of marketers. Advertising can therefore take the form of showing ads to users on specific websites. Therefore, a visitor to a brand store, although not making a purchase, may see an ad on a completely different website offering a discount on a purchase made in the brand store. With the development of remarketing tools, static solutions where the user sees ads regardless of the subpage or category he visits and dynamic solutions that depend on the specific product he previously view on the brand’s website become available. Currently, thanks to the development of omnichannel tools.

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Remarketing campaigns can be carri out in the website and email domains. Ways to Dispose of Abandon Carts The ne for remarketing campaigns is primarily due to a lack of conversions using basic sales tools. When planning a remarketing campaign it is worth taking into account the reasons for uncomplet transactions and abandon shopping carts. This can be understood both as a cessation of shopping in the online store and as an abandonment of the campaign, a train registration form or a lack of confirmation of data transfer. Numerous studies show that one of the main reasons is excessive shipping costs or additional fees charg at the end of the purchase.

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This type of data is suggest by both European studies such as abandon trolleys in 2011 as a result of high additional costs and US studies such as abandon trolleys in 2006 as a result of high transport costs. It can therefore be argu that these were Switzerland Email List important reasons for abandoning purchase decisions over time and remain important. With the remarketing tools at our disposal we can easily and automatically try to regain lost customers. It is therefore worthwhile to use automat tools such as to plan a scenario after abandoning a purchase when shipping is select and to send an email offering a one-time free shipping option. A whopping 10% of respondents.

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