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Their friends when recommending a competitor. There are also plans to offer additional rewards – the person who recommends the most matches will receive a shopping voucher for an Endo store. The contest landing page allows you to enter your address and is given a discount of . The operation is connect to the database which allows continuous control of whether a given address is in the database. Unlimit number of address fields and no restrictions on user input of recommend addresses. Mail invitations. An email invitation to the game is automatically sent to the person enter in the field on the landing page and its content is personaliz.

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Each recipient can see the address to which he was referr. Post with discount code. Similar to invitation emails, emails with discount codes are sent automatically with personaliz content. Each additional person who enters the database will have Korea Telegram Data the opportunity to participate in the grand prize by recommending other friends, and the opportunity to receive a discount code will also be sent to the email address. Results • Click-through rate of initial emails sent to the user base • Open rate • A total of , new addresses more than , more than the assum target • Links Historical data of , store customers to develop shipping.

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System behavior during periods of intense planning. If you want to know which actions are worth taking and which communication tools are the best solutions? We will tell you how to communicate with your customers most effectively. Although Taiwan Email List we have repeatly point out the potential of marketing automation and omnichannel solutions, the huge developments in this area are still surprising. surprise. This is especially evident in foreign research results. Research results show that most companies have experienc significant sales growth after introducing automation and maintaining successful marketing automation strategies. Entrepreneurs.

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