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That you have the recipient’s phone number and email address. Examples of link campaigns Occasional campaigns Combine mail and text messaging campaigns in a limit-time campaign. Mostly they are implement by running an email campaign as a base campaign and an SMS campaign as an add-on campaign which is complementary and a good activator to complete a specific action. When running an event such as Valentine’s Day we are interest in opening up information on a specific date or time in order to implement promotions, coupons, discounts or even free services. In this case due to the limit time end of the promotion.

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Knowing whether the email message has been open is an additional motivation to use SMS services and perform actions in this channel. This helps to significantly increase the effectiveness of campaign implementation. We can do the Laos Telegram Data same thing on birthdays name days or holiday events. Competitive Campaign – A combination of a mailing campaign as a reactive action and an SMS campaign as a proactive action. Users receive all information about contest rules and announcements by mail – this is a one-way communication. Through SMS channels users actively participate in interactive activities such as answering contest questions.

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It’s worth noting that when you combine the two channels of email and SMS, they don’t compete with each other but rather complement each other, significantly increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Remember Thailand Email List that text messaging is one possible form of communication. and multimia messages are also available as voice messages. The possibility of using various formats increases the effectiveness of the reach and the effectiveness of our events. Remember to choose appropriate messages bas on the form channel and possible user feback. The clever use and combination of these channels should bring satisfying results to many campaigns. Email marketing combin will be a promising trend for the year. It can be said that the difference between offline and online sales is no longer important.

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