The pace of mass emigration of people abroad decreased compared to the first half of the war. The total number of forced migrants continues to rise, but is now seeing an increase of several thousand every two weeks, rather than the hundreds of thousands that occurred between the start of the invasion and October 2022. 

Transformation of the Ukrainian audience: a new look at the number

During the year, the number of internally displaced persons decreased by 1 million. Some of the internally displaced persons returned to their Phone Number List native lands, the other part chose the path abroad. Regardless of direction, the total number of internally displaced persons decreased from 6.3 million in June 2022 to 5.4 million in June 2023, according to the International Organization for Migration .

Dynamics of internally displaced persons

 Up-to-date information on the population of Ukraine is not yet available, as the last report of the State UAB Directory Statistics Service on this topic is dated January 2022. However, with the beginning of Russian aggression, our country went through significant changes: millions of Ukrainians became refugees, internally displaced persons or found themselves in occupied territories.