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Specific marketing activities. In the system they allow quick and intuitive creation of database segments and precise selection of recipients using special filters. These filters divide the database according to whether specific conditions are met or not. Thanks to the above filters we can reference not only declarative data but also behavioral data generat from email contact history. They work bas on the drag-and-drop method so you can conveniently select addresses in the database, analyze their behavior and plan shipments with good and results. What are the benefits of flowchart? Click on the Advanc section to find the flowchart view in the Flowchart.

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System diagram on the left menu. Flowcharts help with the process of managing an address database and creating segments Iran Telegram Data allows you to perform specific actions. Which here are some examples of checking whether the recipient responds to your communication. Bas on activity results You can create different groups of recipients bas on activity, such as a group of recipients who open but did not click on an email. Returns Management You will quickly exclude from the group those addresses where hard returns are record which will ultimately improve your rates and have a positive impact on deliverability. Effective Segmentation.

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Using Advanc Filters You will search and create a group by analyzing recipient behavior. For example you will select people who have recently open and click on promotional emails. They help you maintain database hygiene. You can Malaysia Email List effectively manage soft and hard returns while improving campaign results. You will examine which communication channel is more suitable for a given set of recipients. Create patterns in flowcharts according to your nes Filters available in the flowchart module can be freely combin and create complex diagrams. Where you can plan the most complex marketing campaigns for precisely defin groups of recipients.

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