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Sector and excels in operational activities. A team of outstanding business managers will enable its continu success in achieving ambitious goals and above all developing innovative solutions. Last year was a time for the implementation of new projects. Last year the entire Group was focus on new ventures and innovative projects. The tools we develop models have the potential to be exploit in the global market. We use our own technology to support sales for domestic and European customers. We are continuously developing tools for omnichannel communication and marketing automation that are specifically target at customers in the e-commerce space. Projects creat by are also growing rapidly. Currently a team of experts is developing a tool for creating landing pages and developing.

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A platform to operate on. We add further accolades to the group’s awards portfolio by winning the Innovation Eagle Statue in the Innovative Solutions category, as well as the Deloitte Technology High Growth and Deloitte High Indonesia Telegram Data Growth Technology Company rankings. Also recogniz as one of the best employers in the world. Where are we going? Recently, the group announc its corporate strategy for the next three years. It is prict that digital marketing expenses are expect to reach 50% of all marketing expenses in 2020. This is a huge opportunity for the group and we want to use this opportunity to grow and develop our capabilities. The greatest value.

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To us is customer satisfaction. So we’re going to focus on building a fully integrat It’s time for a new corporate strategy Contents Why we’re developing a new strategy Competence Center We’ve just releas the Capital Group annual Korea Email List corporate strategy. We face an intense period We plan to focus on ensuring sales growth for our clients through effective innovation in digital marketing and mobile. It is prict that the proportion of digital marketing expenses in all marketing expenses is expect to reach . This is a huge opportunity for the group and we want to use this opportunity to grow and develop our capabilities. Why we develop the new strategy We know we operate in a very competitive market. We will therefore focus on activities that increase efficiency across the Group and provide our current.

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