Structure were locat in the Preferences tab. Thanks to this move all solutions relat to address databases are now in one place. A very useful new feature in database management is the Address Quality Indicator which analyzes addresses bas on their activity. The tool can easily suggest directions for analytics and database hygiene. Read more about this solution. With the introduction of the new system you will be able to quickly view the statistics of recipients of sent communications on the View All tab. The card containing all address lists will contain additional statistics and information about the database. Our customers are now able to quickly check.

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Number of new addresses sav per month • Number of discharges per month • Ratio of new addresses to list addresses • Number of current addresses in the database • Address limits in the database • Usage group limits. Preview of the Addresses section We have improv the process of importing addresses into the mail database. The new Denmark Telegram Data mechanism is bas on a drag-and-drop solution. However, the full functionality of the previous mechanisms will be retain – create charts and search functionality – but the whole thing will become more attractive and intuitive. Preview of the Mail Database Import Process If you have any questions we will be happy to answer.

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Them Please write to us What’s New in Flowcharts A flowchart is a diagram of a company’s specific marketing activities. In the system they allow to quickly and intuitively create database segments and precisely select the recipients India Email List of sent communications using special filters. These filters divide the database according to the fulfillment or non-fulfilment of specific conditions. With the above filters we can reference not only declarative data but also behavioral data generat from email contact history. After Changes The section dicat to saving flowcharts will contain data on the chart’s creation and modification dates. This will make it easier.