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Well the answer is simple – when your base views it positively. There are many publications that indicate Tuesday or Thursday morning as the best time. But most people reading our newsletter at this time will also have receiv dozens of other messages. Unfortunately this may result in our message being lost among many other letters. That’s why it’s best to test opening results throughout the week and once you’ve receiv the results and determin the best day, test different times including afternoon hours. Example: If the database size is less than 10,000, you only ne to test a few versions, at most. This is because the minimum number of tests.

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Cannot be less than a thousand addresses and a test version is sent to the entire database. Otherwise the data will not be fully representative. Newsletter Crank Usually tests are perform in automatic mode using special testing tools. It is important that the database is randomly partition to obtain real data. After preparing several test messages we point out the conditions that determine the effectiveness of the test and select the best message bas on metrics such as higher number of clicks on the email. The key to more effective communication, especially email, is to create and deliver it in a way that the recipient can’t wait for the next message.

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Personalization in terms of content, appearance preferences and when messages are receiv are essential elements to achieve this. Let’s try to use the data we have about recipients creatively to surprise them. You don’t have to wait long to Thailand Email List get results. Remember to personalize communication, post content that is of interest to the recipient, address them by name, and introduce yourself. Keep the content of the message consistent. Creation and core should reference the content on the landing page. Test mail newsletters on various email clients. Remember that emails are open on smartphones so make sure your messages appear correctly on the small screen.

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