The peculiarity of this project is its focus on audiences living in different countries. For better results, it was decided to test various offers in target audience groups. In the future, this helped to collect data on reactions, optimize settings and achieve a reduction in cost per click. At this stage, we drew up a media plan for promotion in the regions, prepared creatives and offers. Audiences interested in the topics “Real Estate”, “Investment”, “Travel”, “Business Class”, etc. were also gathered.

Project results and future plans

In this direction, we were required to attract as many people as possible. To achieve this task, we performed the following work. Step 1. Analysis of previous video campaigns. Our specialists checked the results of impressions, settings, and analyzed competitors. As a result, it was decided to expand the GEO to other countries and optimize the videos. In addition, we developed recommendations on topics for videos based on situational marketing.

Specialists had to take into account

The specifics of the client’s thematic niche. They understood that we were talking about high rates for advertising promotion, so this stage was very important for optimizing costs in general. In addition, the results of previous advertising campaigns were analyzed and the following settings were adjusted: advertising campaign rates; rates by age, gender; rates by device. Low-performing campaigns were also disabled, goals and new analytics for quizzes were set up. Step 2. Collecting semantics and setting up advertising campaigns for new audiences. To enter a new market in Germany, technical specifications were prepared for specialists to develop a new landing page.

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