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The example always comes from above. Hotel advertising campaign – how to stand out from the competition? Our communication campaign include the following elements: audit and analysis of previous activities, communication audit, a new communication strategy in the offline world, to customers and employees. That’s all it takes to completely change the image of the place and ensure better reception outside and inside the company. Check how we can help you achieve a similar effect in your facility. Eye tracking research,how customers “scan” with their eyes June 26, 2021 Customer acquisition Eye tracking research.

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How customers “scan” with their eyes Logo on the right or left so that the user doesn’t miss it? Login panel at the top or maybe a little lower to make it easier to access your account? These and many other questions are answere by eyetracking database research. What are eyetracking studies? When is it worth using eyetracking research? What do eyetracking studies say? Possibilities of eyetracking research An even better website Advertising tailore to the recipient The products, or rather the packaging, that they sell What are eyetracking studies.


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Eye-tracking tests are otherwise referre to as eye-tracking. It is nothing more than eye tracking of a user who is looking at a new product, website or even a supermarket shelf. It tracks and records simultaneously to finally give a picture UAB Directory of the elements that attracte attention and those that were completely misse. To conduct the test, you nee a device calle an eyetracker. The image is recorde using a special camera. The device emits and records infrare radiation, and the data is collecte by reflecting the rays from the fundus of the eye. We anticipate questions right away – no, the study is not harmful in any way. Test results can be reporte in several ways: heat maps, fixation maps, marker movies logos, statistic data.

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