Sirena App everything you need to know about its features

Today, instant messaging services are. A core part of eCommerce and their correct management. Has a lot of influence on the purchasing experience, therefore. Also on loyalty . To optimize the use of these resources there are various digital tools that lend a hand, one of them is Sirena App . We invite you to meet her. Sirena App is a CRM integrate with WhatsApp. Whose main objective is to digitize your customer service. Team and control all your business communications from a single place. Let’s take a tour of its features and advantages.

Allows the integrated work

Diving into one of the best CRMs for WhatsApp. Sirena App is a multi-agent software that makes it easy to manage messages on WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct. With its tools, conversations from several teams can be centralized. In the New Zealand Phone Number Data same shared tray and distributed. Automatically to your company’s customer service team. With this CRM you can have a platform specially designed to handle incoming leads from different sales channels and be able to manage them in one place with a team of agents of the size of your preference.

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The customer service process

That is, the information is on the web and you will be able to consult it at any time with only your username and password. So it will also work as an integrate. CMR where you will be able Canada Phone Number List to save your prospects. It is similar to other software such as Salesforce or the difference is that it is made to work for WhatsApp. Integrating the other platforms that we already mentioned, all belonging to the Meta ecosystem. Functions and features of this CRM Let’s talk. About the most outstanding features. Of this software Sirena has an entire internal communication network that.

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