How to create a website with WordPress

One of its most striking features is that it allows you to send video email How to create campaigns. Advantages: Easy to understand and simple interface. Video email campaigns. Good integration with other tools: WordPress, Facebook… and Zapier. Allows you to carry out surveys and polls. Disadvantages: The free version is quite limit. It does not allow tagging users. The automation scenarios are somewhat rudimentary. It does not have a CRM. ConvertKit convertkit Email marketing platform that is characteriz by its simplicity and ease of use. In fact, they themselves say.

Able to close the circle

“It’s so easy to use that you can spend less time in our tool and more time company data creating.” ConvertKit claims to have a brutal delivery rate of 98% , an average of 30% email opening and a good reputation with providers such as Gmail and Outlook, which increases the chances of delivery, avoiding promotions and spam folders. You will be  of any campaign, thanks to unlimit forms and landing pages . convertkit interface With ConvertKit you can easily organize your subscribers into a single list thanks to its tags and segments.

Routes connecting triggers

Thanks to its funnel system How to create , you can design personaliz , actions and conditions. And with its intelligent filters UAB Directory you will be able to control what reaches each user without errors. Advantages: Great segmentation and labeling capacity. Creation of advanc automations. Includes landing pages. A/B testing. Lead Score. CRM. Very integrat with other tools. Natively integrat with Elementor forms . Disadvantages: It does not have a Spanish version. They ask for your crit card information for the trial version.

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